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19 May 2020

Austrian Influencer Constantly K presents 'Quarantine Collection' at the own CYK shop

Businesses in Vienna are restarting again. Only the masks on the people's faces when entering stores or the distance of 2 to 1 meter which separates guests on different tables in restaurants remind the Viennese of the pandemic which isn't over yet but currently with the mentioned safety measures under control.

For many, the restrictive measures are only bothering while some are bothered and draw creative strength out of this time such as Austrian influencer Constantly K (collaborated already with H&M, Intimissimi article) aka Karin Teigl who presented recently together with her husband Georg the 'Quarantine Collection' at the own The chances are good that fashion items designed by co-creators of contemporary culture, like Constantly K is, will become collector pieces in future.

Images: One of the highlights of the CYK by Constantly K range is the unisex sweater with the writing 'Social Distance Club" on the back and "If You Can Read This, You'Re Too Close" on the front. Photos: CYK.

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