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16 December 2020

Countdown 2020/2021: Anonimo watch models are matching the optimistic tones of the Shutterstock Color Trends 2021

It's an annual statistical ritual to calculate trends from performance data at the end of the year. The results of data harvests by search engines or content providers are in many cases published online as reviews of the past months with projections of what the future brings; literally, a countdown of one year to the next! Stock media provider Shutterstock for example calculated three color schemes from pixel hues of downloaded images and created the Shutterstock Color Trends 2021 for the company's worldwide audience. At the website, the three color tones 'Set Sail Champagne', 'Fortuna Gold', and 'Tidewater Green' are introduced with explanations of what they are standing for such as Set Sail Champagne for escapism after a challenging year; the color scheme appears like a canvas which waits for creative actions. Shutterstock delivers a very optimistic outlook powered by a positive view on change and hope on what comes after 2020.

Images (from left): The in Italy founded, in Switzerland located watch brand Anonimo referenced recently the Shutterstock color selection for 2021 and presented two models from the current collection: The Epurato DLC AM-4000.02.229 and the Nautilo Vintage AM-5019.19.241.I05. Photos: ANONIMO.

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