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21 May 2020

H&M Studio SS20 pays tribute to active women who combine water sports, mountaineering and explorer spirit with easy-chic summer lifestyle

On 29 May, public beaches and pools are opening with one month delay due to Covid-19 measures in Austria. The rules for bath guests are similar to the already known concerning masks and physical distance. In closed rooms like the locker room or at the entrance hall, it's obligatory to wear a nose-mouth mask. In pools of public baths, the distance of at least 1 meter is required. In natural waters where the water isn't disinfected, the distance to others should be 3 to 4 meters. Austrians are already masters in the practice of Covid-19 safety measures. So the next step back to normal, even when the pandemic isn't over yet, should be easy. looked through the current collections for a style which matches holidays with stand up paddling, canoeing,... at Austrian alpine lakes. The open minded surf girl was the muse of the H&M Studio SS20 collection which pays tribute to active women who combine water sports, mountaineering and curiosity with easy-chic summer lifestyle.
"The collection uses 'freedom' as its guiding mantra, presenting a wide range of wardrobe solutions for the woman who surfs, climbs and explores," introduces H&M into the collection which drops since February into selected stores worldwide and The next wave is already announced and will bring from 1st June colorful bikinis, swimsuits, scarves, sunglasses, bags, flip flops, and light dresses to stores and online.

Images: The pictures from the H&M Studio SS20 campaign show two outfits (left: dress with cap; right: long sleeve swim suit with hoodie) referencing the active lifestyle of the surf girl who combines sport with easy chic. The collection was designed by the H&M design team which was inspired by a research trip to the Swedish island of Gotland.

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