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7 December 2020

Neubau Eyewear previews 'Changing The Perspective' collection, roll-out starts in January 2021

Water, Air, Fire, Earth are the four chapters of the 'Changing The Perspective' sunglasses and optical eyewear collection 2021 by Austrian brand Neubau Eyewear. The label was founded 2016 and is dedicated to nature preserving production methods and sustainable materials like naturalPX and natural3D. The timeless design of the glasses is developed from the modern interpretation of classical frames. The roll-out of the new collection is announced to start in January with the 'Water' line for men and women, followed by 'Air' from April, 'Fire' in July, 'Earth' from October.

The pictures show two couples of men and women wearing models in muted colors from the 'Water' (sunglasses) and 'Air' (optical glasses) lines of the 'Changing The Perspective' collection 2021 by Neubau Eyewear. The collection is made of very light bio-based materials.

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