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19 July 2020

Viennese gold-, silversmith, jeweler Rozet & Fischmeister launched online shop with focus on jewellery designed by Franz Fischmeister and a digital 'Wishlist' service

Recently, legendary gold-, silversmith, jeweler Rozet & Fischmeister (since 1770) extended its store located at the elegant Kohlmarkt in Vienna by a new website with integrated online shop. Highlights of the virtual shop are the jewellery pieces designed by Franz Fischmeister (worked at Asprey and Cartier in London) who manages the company in the 6th generation. The currently presented designs have the appeal of happiness, lightheartedness and evoke associations with a sunny day at the ocean (fast checked today at

For the 'Wishlist' service such as used by couples for their wedding, customers can select and purchase items like silver home decor digitally.

Image: The picture shows the store windows of Rozet & Fischmeister at Kohlmarkt 11 in the 1st district of Vienna. Photo: Rozet & Fischmeister.

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