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24 July 2021

'Clong' t-shirts visualize the sound of the interactive installation Sonotopia at Haus der Musik Vienna

The new limited edition of 'Clong' t-shirts with prints of three versions of individually generated visuals of Clongs (sound spheres) was launched this week. Clongs are generated by museum visitors through quasi-'playing' the Sonotopia Universe & Lab sound-art installation like an instrument at the Haus der Musik in Vienna.

The organic cotton t-shirts with the motifs 'Unicorn Taffy', 'Lemon Twist' and 'Cherry Drop' are the result of artistic work in the disciplines graphic design x arts & crafts x media programming. Graphic designer Ben Posch from the transdisciplinary LUX media lab is the artistic director of the Clong t-shirt series, artist Stephka Klaura (studied at the Master Class Painting of the University of Applied Arts Vienna) printed the motifs at the screen printing manufacture FabricFabrik (founded by Klaura with focus on textiles in 2014) on t-shirts obtained via Stanley/Stella from fair and sustainably working producers, and Stefan Schilcher and Christine Pilsl of Contraire who made with their development of the interactive application for Sonotopia Universe the Clong experience possible.

Image: The picture shows artist Stephka Klaura at the screen printing manufacture FabricFabrik making t-shirts with the motif 'Unicorn Taffy' in various colors for the 'Clong' series (limited edition of 100 items per motif) by Haus der Musik Vienna, available at the museum's shop and online at Photos: FabricFabrik.

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