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12 October 2021 Austria Insight interactively created with the new graphic design 'Studio' feature by Press Loft

In May this year, the internationally working online PR platform Press Loft (founded 2006 in London) launched the new feature 'Studio' which enables users (brands, PR agencies, journalists, influencers) to design layouts for the presentation of own products, for the making of visuals for media releases, or for editorials with product depictions - for example for articles about trends. 'Trending' is also one of the categories in the navigation of the Press Loft website for insights into new trend themes such as 'Cabincore' concerning seasonal home accessories. The graphics for the trend views were generated with the new 'Studio' design feature which can be reached via the website's navigation. The Studio's toolbar shows at first various templates with classical layouts for mood boards with headline or title for the collection of products for example for a color trend with furniture and home accessories and/or fashion, or seasonal boards such as for Christmas. Design with templates is perhaps more difficult and needs more practice than with the next tool 'Image grids' which separate fields clearly. used a very simple grid with four fields. For the background, a tone in light blue matching the magazine's colors was chosen to separate the products visually from each other; the border thickness can be selected via slider bar; for the image on this page, 26 px were applied.
The image library might be actually overwhelming when working without filters. filtered after the country category (Austria) and image style (cut out). Other filters that are offered are 'Brands', 'Product Price', 'Image orientation', 'Colours' (helpful for color boards) and 'Sort by' date or price. The 'Brand kit' feature (brand colors, brand fonts,...) is interesting for companies which use the Press Loft Studio tool for their communication in print folders, websites, or on social media channels. The graphics can be adjusted at the Studio tool bar's 'Resize design' for A4 or A5, custom dimensions, an Instagram Post, an Instagram Story, TikTok, Pinterst, Facebook, etc. With the tool 'Captions', basic information like product name or brand name can be extended by price, website, and social media addresses for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. For journalists or influencers, it's requested to use the captions delivered with the design by Press Loft.

Images, from left, clockwise: The via Press Loft Studio generated design shows four pictures of products made of textiles.

  • The reversible blue apron is a typical piece from the Austrian federal state Burgenland. The 'Burgenländische Wendeschürze' shows the region's traditional 'blue print' (Blaudruck). The apron is from the manufactory of textile printer Josef Koó who is Austria's most important producer of 'Blaudruck' products. The printing technology with wooden models belongs to Unesco's intangible cultural heritage. The apron is available at the Austrian online marketplace Servus am Marktplatz,
  • The blue print cooking glove by Josef Koó is currently available at
  • The quilted laptop bag 'Blooming Lovely' with bird application is available at the online store of der gute Heinrich (based in Mittersill, Salzburg),
  • The pine pillow with embroidered snowflake by artisan Christine Dotzauer from the Salzkammergut is available at

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