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21 October 2021 Autumn/Winter 2021/22 style tip under the motto 'Calculating the Green Score'

Nobody can be 100% green, in the sense of 100% free of carbon footprints or pollution in any other form. It's the sum of the efforts - such as reducing waste, using materials from renewable sources or compensating for a greener world when buying new products - that counts! Detailed information by companies about environmental protection measures are absolutely trending and can help consumers to calculate the impact of their behaviour on the environment. Climate protection is a new quality criterion and becomes nowadays even the topic of new product developments such as in the case of the new fragrance 'To Be Green' by Police. The brand's signature skull flacon plays a dramatic role in the story about the climate crisis and for the mediation that there is no other way than acting environmentally friendly and protecting planet earth. The fragrance as well as the packaging were developed from specially collected ingredients and recyclable materials for minimizing the environmental impact of the product.

For the Austrian terry towelling producer Vossen, being green means protecting the environment, investing into climate and practising social responsibility (details). Vossen is known for high quality fabrics and innovations such as the mix of organic cotton with hemp; last mentioned hemp yarns make the towels more durable. Additionally, hemp is naturally antibacterial. The towels on view on this page are from the 100% vegan 'Balance' collection. Photo by photographer Andi Bruckner, Vossen GmbH & Co KG.

For increasing the balance between consumption and climate protection, Nokia runs the initiative 'Let's plant together' where owners of new products can enter their device's number and plant trees. In the case of the new phone Nokia G50 (on view in the color 'Ocean Blue'), the company will plant 10 trees. The organisation of the compensation project is in the hands of Ecologi. An overview of how many and where the trees are planted can be found on The numbers might seem low but unfortunately many customers don't use the offer of planting trees such as Nokia told journalists at a press conference last week in Vienna. One of the reasons might be that the information about the initiative isn't easy to find outside of the online shop and people forget where they've seen the included offer to plant trees. At the end of the page with the technical specifications on, a link to the environmental profile of the phone leads to the information about used, not used materials and topics like recycling "96% materials of the device can be recovered as materials and energy". (Legally required compliance note: attended the press conference last week and received a Nokia G50 for test reasons. The test concerning the making of photos, videos, necessary app and 5G functionalities is run by several persons and is ongoing.)

The 'Wool Peak' sneaker made from durable wool material is the latest product development of the Austrian company Giesswein. A link at leads to the information about the company's 'Green Strategy' (up to 90% recycled water, production process without fossil fuels, 0% fabric waste as the wool residues can be 100% recycled,...).

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