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28 September 2021

Freywille jewelry collection 'DADA Dance' pays homage to Sophie Taeuber-Arp whose artistic work in performance, crafts, design, art is on traveling exhibition in Basel - (currently) London - New York

'DADA Dance. Hommage Sophie Taeuber-Arp' is the first tribute collection to a woman in the range of Austrian enamel jeweler Freywille. The company was founded by artist Michaela Frey in 1951 in Vienna and runs today own boutiques (map) around the world. Freywille is specialised in literally 'applied art' collections such as homage series inspired by artists like Gustav Klimt or Vincent van Gogh and their works interpreted with new designs by the company's artistic team. The Hommage Sophie Taeuber-Arp collection was launched earlier this year in time with the retrospective at Kunstmuseum Basel dedicated to the pioneer of abstraction who was active in various disciplines from crafts, applied arts (textiles like tablecloths, tapestries,...), architecture, performance, dance to painting. 'Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Living Abstraction' was produced together with Tate London (15 July - 17 October 2021) and the Museum of Modern Art, New York (21 November 2021 - 12 March 2022). For the Freywille series, Sophie Taeuber-Arp's work 'Quatre espaces cercles rouges roulants' from 1932 was the inspiring source for the expression of zest for life, movement, of 'DADA Dance', how the collection is also named.

The fire enamel and gold jewelry range consists of earrings, pendants, bangles,... and pen. Last mentioned might appear like a reminder of the artist's biography where early abstract geometric pencil drawings or her work as editor of an art magazine play important roles.

Images: Fountain pens 'Alexander The Great' from the 'DADA Dance. Hommage Sophie Taeuber-Arp' collection by Freywille; launched in 2021. The pen above is from the 'DADA Dance Day' line in vibrant colors, below the 'Night' version in muted tones.

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