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15 January 2021

H&M presents at the start of the 2021 fashion week season (Milan, Berlin, Paris, London) the latest designer collaboration: Simone Rocha created over-seasonal long-lasting styles for the whole family

The presentation of the collaborative Simone Rocha X H&M collection happened in time with the start of the international fashion weeks, beginning today in Milan (men's wear), followed this month by Berlin (18 - 24 January) and Paris (19 - 24 January). Simone Rocha was launched ten years ago in 2010 at London Fashion Week; the next presentation at the upcoming London Fashion Week (women's and men's wear) from 19 to 23 February 2021 is already scheduled.

From 11th March, London-based Irish designer Simone Rocha's first ever line for the whole family will be available at H&M. With only 10 years on the market, the brand Simone Rocha is, compared to other famous design collaborators from the couture world, an exceptional young partner of the Swedish company. Simone Rocha has achieved wide recognition for her long-lasting fashion created from a cultural mix of Europe and Asia by reflecting her own heritage of Ireland and Hong Kong.

Image: The picture shows Simone Rocha (wearing pearl-embellished shoes) at the photo/film studio on occasion of the upcoming collaborative 'Simone Rocha X H&M' collection for the whole family, available from 11 March 2021. Photographer: Jack Symes.

The ideas behind the collection such as the creation of pieces the wearer can mix and match over seasons, a video statement of the designer and first images of selected items with details like pearl decorations at collars are published at the H&M Magazine.

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