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23 February 2021

Preview of the 'Innovation Science Story' collection by H&M made of innovative new materials such as leather from cactus plants or performance fabrics from castor beans (Ricinus Communis)

From 18 March, the first items of the new H&M collection series 'Innovation Science Story' will be available at selected stores and online. Today, the Swedish brand released the information about the collection which shows how scientific theory of environmentally fashion, especially innovative, sustainable textile production processes and design, are turned into practice. The first range of comfortable sports inspired pieces in combination with eye-catching accessories and shoes pay homage to forward thinking innovators of materials like the leather alternative from cactus plants, developed by the Mexican founders of 'Desserto'. At the website, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez introduce in a video into the story and the making of non-animal, vegan leather.

Image: The strappy sandals in neon yellow of the 'Innovation Science Story' by H&M are made of cactus leather by Desserto.

Another highlight presented at the first range of the collection series are materials made from EVO by Fulgar yarns. The source of the EVO material is castor beans. Some of the benefits are the lightness of the fibres, the in-built odor control, quick drying or elasticity how it's needed for sportswear for example.

Images (from left): The neon yellow pants and sky blue underwear (with cut outs) are made of EVO by Fulgar. The white tank top is made of recycled cotton. Right: Every piece is tagged with a textile badge with information about the sources of the materials such as the sky blue top shows the writing "This Product Is Made From Bio-Based Nylon That Comes From Castor Oil. A Totally Renewable Resource That Does Not Require High Amounts Of Water Nor Subtracts Arable Land For Food Purposes."

Ella Soccorsi, concept designer at H&M, is cited in the press release: "Innovation Stories is a platform that pushes our experimentation to the next level. The initiative encourages our work with scientists and developers and puts a spotlight on our progressive ideas. Science Story is a homage to the years of research and experiments behind these incredible materials."

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