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15 April 2021

Vienna Insight: Bag trends presented by Ina Kent

Bags are in general functional objects. In our days, bag design is focused strongly on digital devices. Oversized or large versions of bags are practical for the transport of voluminous items, while mini bags are used as secure carriers of smartphones or micro bags as wearable wallets for the protection of bank & identity cards, keys, money. The deconstructed bag trend with more than one bag at once with at least one smartphone mini bag is strongly device orientated. It's an authentic bag trend from the digital era.

Currently, Vienna-based bag label Ina Kent (founded 2007, two stores in Vienna) presents trendy bags in various colors and materials at the online shop at The mini and micro bags are produced from the rest of the production of the label's larger handbags, backpacks, etc. for reducing waste to a minimum.

Middle: The latest Ina Kent creation is the mini bag for the smartphone ONA ed.1, available in crocodile brown and black.

Right: The X.ONI ed.2 is available in six color and material variations. At, the ways to wear the bag as crossbody bag, shoulder bag, clutch or hip bag are shown. Photo: Marlene Mautner.

Left: The picture shows various models (available in eleven different colors, materials) of the micro bag X.LOMI ed.2 which can be attached to a larger bag with a carabiner ring.

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