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26 June 2021

Vienna Insight: Home textiles by the world traveler Silvia Gattin. The fashion and interior pieces by the cross-cultural producer and store owner are statements for a fair society

Silvia Gattin's new interior pieces have a fresh, sunny, optimistic look! The colorful ikat patterns of the latest range of cushion sleeves are made from a weaving of silk (80%) and cotton yarns. For the production of the textiles, Silvia Gattin collaborated with a manufacturer in Turkey where the traditional fabrics were made. 'Slow fashion' is central for the studied business economist's (International Business Administration) approach to participate in a fair and sustainable global economy. Preserving cultural heritage and mediating traditional arts & crafts is another motive which drives Silvia Gattin's creativity and cross-cultural production and distribution strategy (biography).

At the shop directory section 'pillows', the range of ikat cushion covers is on view with a closer description of the ikat technique and how the yarns are dyed in contrast to batik.

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