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5 April 2022

Adidas Ozworld platform for the AI driven creation of unique cross-app/game avatars for stylish self-expression in the metaverse

Today, adidas Originals announced in a media release at the launch of the company's AI driven avatar creation platform on 8 April at on occasion of the latest Ozworld collection. The Ozworld line of footwear and apparel is developed from the idea of a fantastic 'World of Oz' and the aesthetics of NFTs.

At the new Adidas Ozworld platform, users can create personal avatars by answering a series of questions. The answers, which will include fashion preferences, are the material for the AI of the platform to calculate a digital avatar. The look of the digital vessel is inspired by the aesthetics of the Ozworld collection. The ready avatar can be used to try on, purchase sneakers from the collection and is transferable to various social media accounts. The avatar-technology behind comes from the avatar platform for the metaverse 'Ready Player Me' which is specialized in generating avatars for the interoperability in different metaverse apps and games.

Image: The picture shows the silhouettes of 3 avatars of the Adidas Ozworld; launch of the platform on 8 April 2022.

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