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13 April 2022 Style Tip Spring/Summer 2022 for relaxing hours at the lake, pool or ocean

We are living in a challenging time. The pandemic and now the war in Europe have changed the lifestyle and the strategies for our future and for a peaceful living together with effects on basic rules of behavior. Some of these changes that occurred as a result of the pandemic concerns the behavior in cafes and restaurants. Today, it's the common rule in gastronomy locations that the seating places have to be reserved before the visit or the guests have to wait until being placed on a free, non-reserved table. This rule doesn't apply only to exclusive restaurants or cafes. The new rule became usual in gastronomy in general due the Covid19 regulations concerning the allowed number of persons per 20 square meters and are now a common practice in Austria. In former days, it was easy for spontaneous guests to navigate through a restaurant and find a free place as the sign 'Reserved' marked reserved tables. During the same time as the pandemic caused a tighter choice in real life, new worlds for free navigation have been developed from digital games and blockchain technology.

The t-shirt with the character 'Smarta' by the Austrian brand Quipster is one of three designs which were launched at the beginning of this month at and the company's four stores in Vienna and Salzburg. Smarta, a new version of a nerd with dedication to science, is like the two other new figures Dino and Diver of Quipsterland designed for the metaverse. It's announced that NFT collectibles with the themes Deep Sea, Dinosaur Costume Party and Back to School will be released soon from mid-April. More information is published at Photo: © Quipster.

The very low ecological footprint (4,85 kg Co2) of the new 'Prince Knit' sneaker by Ecoalf made of yarn from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean is calculated by including not only the raw material (plastic bottles) but also packaging, production waste, energy consumption, distribution,... on and compared to the average sneaker CO2 emission of 13,6 kg.

The black obsidian beads bracelet 'Elements of Nature' with compass-like detail on a silver coin is from the 'Rebel at Heart' series of the 'Ocean Vibes' Spring/Summer 2022 collection by Thomas Sabo. The design of the coin is inspired by the elements of nature - fire, water, air and earth, and the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Recently, the Austrian eyewear brand Neubau with focus on the use of plant-based material and 3D-printing presented the highlights 2022 under the motto 'A Sustainable Summer' with models like the sunglasses 'Walter & Wassily'.

Beach towel from the 'Hôtel Hennes' collection by H&M, available from 28 April on The idea behind the collection which was presented with a fashionable website and video starring Gigi Hadid as hotel host is described with following words: "Hôtel Hennes is a fictional fashion destination, inspired by legendary art hotels, where artists, thinkers and icons hung out, collaborated, and completed residencies. It is a place where aesthetics are exaggerated and experimental, where stories can twist and turn, where dreams are made, and where fashion has no rules."

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