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20 March 2022 Style Tip Spring 2022 for Citizen Reporters: New technologies in fashion and beauty

Today on the astronomical first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, collected some pieces for the upcoming seasonal weather interplay of the first warm sun rays with April showers and the contemporary lifestyle of Citizen Reporters who spread with their documentary-journalistic-like reporting not only information about their own private lives, but also about important social or ecological issues. Using media tools like photos, videos for the publication via smartphones on social media for a possibly worldwide audience is an increasingly better trained cultural technique which includes publisher knowledge of the protection of the own privacy and the privacy of others or copyrights of authors. Since the war in Ukraine started on 24 February, social media and its users are going once again through an endurance test for proving the seriousness of the new pillar of the democratic distribution and reception of information.

Sunglasses 'Ray Ban Stories' Round, available in Austria at sehen!wutscher. Photo: sehen!wutscher. The 'Ray Ban Stories' smart glasses with technology by Facebook including an integrated camera for photos, videos for Instagram, TikTok, etc. and audio features (speakers for listening to music, microphones for the Facebook assistant, calls or video) for the models Wayfarer, Meteor and Round (from 329.- Euro) were launched in Austria together with the country's largest optics store chain sehen!wutscher on 17 March. A light on the frame signals that a photo or video is taken. At, the privacy built-in features are explicitly mentioned together with the announcement that a campaign for raising awareness for people's privacy will roll out in April.

Shower towels by the Austrian company Vossen. From above: The turquoise/pink shower towel (limited edition) is from the Vossen 'Buddy Package' and designed especially for the Special Olympics Summer Games 2022. The National Special Olympics Summer Games with the motto 'The revolution is inclusion' will happen this summer from 23 to 28 June in Burgenland. The 'Special Olympics X Vossen' Buddy Package consists of one towel that is purchased by a customer, a second towel that will go automatically to a Summer Games athlete, and the donation to people with unique needs from parts of the proceeds. Below: The orange and the two earth colored towels are from the 'Vienna Style Supersoft' collection made from the name-giving Supersoft fluffy yarn. Photos: Vossen.

The camouflage 'Zia Parka' by Bogner Woman is from the range of transitional jackets from the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. It's water-repellent, ultra-lightweight nylon material is made entirely from recycled fibers. Photo: Bogner Woman.

Since this month, the new products of the Lancaster Sun Beauty and Sun Sport series are available at authorized perfumeries and department stores in Austria. The series are developed for the protection from rays - UVA, UVB, infrared rays and in 2022 new, the protection from blue light (visible light responsible for premature skin aging) - and additionally for the repair of sun damaged skin. One of the new sun protection products is the Protective Fluid SPF 30 for the face from the Sun Beauty series. The packaging - made from recycled materials - is designed to fit into the pocket for on the go.

Vienna-based bag label Ina Kent practises Zero-Waste by producing bags of the Small Goods range of wallets and smartphone cases from the leftovers from the cutting of larger bags. The series are available in different colors and leather variations. On view on this page, the range of the mini wallet 'X.LOMI ed.2' by Ina Kent. Photo: Martina Lajczak.

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