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16 March 2022

New interpretations of interior designs from an archive which is part of Austria's cultural history and heritage: Austrian company Backhausen presents 'Wiener Sehnsucht' (Viennese Longing) collection of upholstery fabrics

Austrian company Backhausen (founded 1849) is strongly connected with the history of applied arts, especially textile design for home and decor fabrics in Austria. It's tradition at Backhausen to realize designs by artists or new interpretations of patterns from the archive such as recently posted at the company's instagram with reference to the Backhausen bespoke service (embedded below). In the early 20th century, Backhausen cooperated with artists, designers and architects of the Wiener Werkstätte for the production of interior textiles for upholstering or curtains. Today, the archive of over 5,000 patterns from the times of the Art Nouveau is officially part of Austria's cultural history and heritage. The collection has been continuously interpreted with new designs and extended over the decades through collaborations with designers, artists like with Sagmeister & Walsh for the exhibition 'Beauty' at the MAK - Museum of Applied Arts Vienna (article) in 2018, 2019 or by jacquards used by fashion designer Arthur Arbesser (article) in 2018, 2019.

One of the latest collections of upholstery fabrics by Backhausen carries the name 'Wiener Sehnsucht' (Viennese Longing). The new interpretations of classics by designers like Wiener Werkstätte co-founder Josef Hoffmann are an homage to the aesthetics of the Viennese Modern which are still signature for the architecture and streets of Vienna.

Image: The 'Wienersteig' (Viennese Path) by Josef Hoffmann, new interpretation of the original design from 1909 in contemporary hues; collection 'Wiener Sehnsucht', launched in Spring 2021. The design is available in various colors and tones of red, green, gold, blue, beige and gray. Photos: © Backhausen / Bruce Smith (

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