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13 May 2022

The new H&M collection for kids in collaboration with SmileyWorld presents graphics with the positive message to express oneself and the own emotions

The smiling face has a long history and is strongly connected to advertising, journalism and the global business of trademarks. The history of the face made of an arc for the mouth and points for the eyes dates back to the 1960s when it was drawn for an advertising campaign of an insurance company in the USA. In the early 1970s, it appeared in the French newspaper 'France Soir' for marking good news. The journalist behind the idea was Franklin Loufrani who secured the rights on the name 'smiley' and the graphic. Since 1996, his son Nicolas Loufrani has led the business and developed the smiley further for the digital world with additional expressions for the communication of emotions. Today, the company with the smiley trademark rights is one of the top licensing companies worldwide.

This year, Smiley celebrates its 50th anniversary since it appeared in the French newspaper as a symbol for good news (history). The collaboration of H&M and SmileyWorld was initiated on occasion of this anniversary. The collection appears like an optimistic outlook for the future goals of a new generation, who grows up in challenging times of a pandemic, climate crisis and war in Europe with negative effects on the whole world, to never give up to express oneself and the own emotions.

The 'SmileyWorld x H&M' collection will be available in stores worldwide and online from mid-May 2022. The collection of clothing such as t-shirts with messages (on view on the picture right, a melting smiley with half timidly half positively smiling mouth surrounded by coronavirus smileys and the writing 'Future Goals'), shoes and accessories is inspired by urban beach life and skate parks.

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