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15 June 2023

Vienna Insight: Bag label Ina Kent launches 2nd drop of 'sweet16' anniversary campaign and collection inspired by rave culture principles PLURR - Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility

Vienna-based designer Ina Kent founded her eponymous bag label in 2007. This year, the brand celebrates its 16th anniversary with a three-part image campaign and special limited editions of top sellers under the name 'sweet16'". The first part of the campaign, which focuses on the diversity of Ina Kent bag wearers and friends of the label, was released in April. This week, in time for Pride Month, the second chapter of the campaign was released, inspired by the Pride movement and the re-emerging rave culture and its principles PLURR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility).

The press release cites the history of rave culture dating back to the 1990s and the acronym PLURR as an inspirational source. According to Urban Dictionary, the term is adapted from the original PLUR with the addition of R for Responsibility to raise awareness of other people, venues, and drug abuse. asked the Fashion Chabot on today: "What do you know about the rave culture principles PLURR?" The AI chatbot answered (quoted here in part; without the URL sources listed for further reading): "... According to the rave culture, these principles are the foundation of a positive and inclusive community. The principles emphasize the importance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs. Responsibility refers to the idea of taking responsibility for one's actions and ensuring the safety and well-being of others. The PLURR principles have been embraced by many different subcultures and communities, not just the rave culture. They have become a symbol of values that promote inclusivity, diversity, and love."

Ina Kent's campaign is about raves in 2023 as safe spaces that focus on inclusivity, community and a sense of freedom. The second chapter of the sweet16 campaign embraces the shift towards social consciousness and responsibility with visuals that use a warm and inclusive language to express the celebration of moments of freedom and a sense of togetherness. The special editions of the sweet16 collection feature a winged heart motif that currently 'flies' over the home page of the label's website at

Images, from left: The KARLY ed.1 key holder in 'rainbow ice' from the second 'sweet16' campaign, launched during Pride Month with a nod to the rave culture acronym PLURR in mid-June 2023. In the photo, it is paired with the limited special edition of the top-selling MOONLIT ed.1 in 'metallic anthra' released with the first drop of the campaign in April 2023. The color 'metallic anthra' is
a reminder of Ina Kent's beginnings. It was one of the first metallic colors and still a signature tone of the brand. Right: In the second chapter of the campaign, the MOONLIT ed.1 is offered as a limited special edition in the color 'rainbow ice'. Photos: Kemara Pol.

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