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17 December 2023

Bonprix Fashion Report 2023 results show sustainability, longevity, fair trade and body positivity are on trend in Europe

In the summer of this year, the results of the first part of a survey in Germany on women's expectations of fashion and the fashion industry, conducted by the market research institute Ipsos for the international fashion brand and e-commerce company bonprix, headquartered in Hamburg (part of the Otto Group), were published (article).
This week, the second part of the study, the 'bonprix Fashion Report 2023 - International Edition' with insights into women's fashion awareness in seven European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Poland) was published at

Working again with Ipsos, bonprix surveyed more than 7,000 women, revealing emotional and attitudinal differences between nations. Notable findings include a higher emotional attachment to fashion in Italy and Poland, increased sustainability awareness among Polish, French and Italian women, and a gap between attitudes and behavior when it comes to fashion trends. The published study includes an interview with trend analyst Carl Tillessen of the DMI Deutsches Mode-Institut (German Fashion Institute), who talks about the 'attitude-behavior gap' revealed in the study. The analyst explains that it's common for people to behave in ways that don't match the attitudes they express in surveys. This can be seen in their resolutions for greater sustainability or when it comes to trends. According to Tillessen, the results can be interpreted to indicate that women are critical of fashion trends that change too quickly, while the longevity of clothing is becoming increasingly important.

The report highlights women's self-determined approach to fashion, with over 90% buying what they like, and a shared desire for authenticity in the fashion industry. Despite a global call for diversity, challenges remain in finding clothes that fit well, particularly in countries such as Italy and Poland. Concerns about sustainability are high, but there is a perceived complexity, indicating a need for greater transparency. The published findings suggest that sustainability, longevity, fair trade and body positivity are becoming mainstream considerations and influencing fashion consumption.

Image: The infographic shows selected findings (across all countries) on diversity (47% of respondents are for more diversity in regard to more clothes for all sizes), body positivity (48% are for ending unrealistic beauty and figure ideals) and sustainability (76% are often unsure of what is really sustainable). Graphic: bonprix.

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