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27 August 2023

Salzburg Insights: visited the presentation of Trachten Trends 2024 at the opening of the fair 'Fesch' in Bergheim near the city of Salzburg

Last Friday was invited to the trend presentation Spring/Summer 2024 of the 'Fesch' fair for trachten and alpine fashion, which takes place from 25 to 27 August with more than 200 participating brands from Austria, Germany and South Tyrol at the Brandboxx in Bergheim near the capital Salzburg. Until this year, the fair was called 'Trachten Order Tage' (article). Along with the new name - the word 'fesch' means as much as smart, dressy, attractive, the fair's communication has also changed. In the center of the media strategy are the upcoming trends, which are presented at a press conference and, since last season, additionally in the fair's own magazine with the title 'fesch'. Friday's visit of the trend presentation of the Fesch fair was a premiere for Fashion at. The meeting took place outdoors in front of the exhibition halls. The area was comfortably set up for the evening's Kirtag, the name for folk fetes in Austria, with attractions like an autodrome and tables and benches where guests were served the typical white sausages and pretzels.

The press conference started at 11:00 a.m. Before the start of the trend show, the participating VIPs of the trachten design and styling business met with journalists for a photo call. Among the VIPs were the influencer Die Dirndlerin, who was last season's Fesch trend presenter, German celebrity stylist and co-editor-in-chief of Fesch magazine Oliver Rauh, Viennese stylist and founder of the agency Making of Martina Cerny, and this year's Fesch trend guide, Austrian singer and actress Ronja Forcher (video of the presentation on the Fesch magazine Instagram page). The trend show included models from design labels such as the German design brand Kinga Mathe, which opened its own store in Kitzbühel, Tyrol, earlier this month, or Policarpo, founded by Cidália Amante-Policarpo, the daughter of Portuguese and German parents. The studied fashion designer fuses her Portuguese and German heritage in a dress that combines the classic dirndl with traditional Portuguese elements, especially the wide skirt with flounce. The signature of Policardo dresses is the peplum, which is a shortened and removable interpretation of the classic dirndl apron, originally a protective part of the dress that evolved from farmers' work clothes. Cidália Amante-Policarpo told that the reference to the apron is in line with today's situation. The dirndl is not worn for work and doesn't need the protection of an apron.

Once the trend show was over, walked through the exhibition halls and visited several booths such as the Policarpo stand or talked to Karin Junker-Schulz, CEO of HWH Hollender, a German textile company based in Krefeld that specializes in weaving jacquard fabrics. The CEO, who also works as a pattern designer, was particularly interested in the general trend towards using high-quality fabrics for dirndls and other traditional clothing. She pointed out that the close cooperation with clients for custom-made designs is an important part of her creative work. Karin Junker-Schulz draws her inspiration from a variety of sources, whether it's nature, a wallpaper in a hotel or the company's extensive design archive, which dates back to 1842. left the event with the impression of a lively creative exploration of the traditions, history and contemporary culture of Alpine regions. The dates of the next edition in February 2024 are already published on

Images, from left, captured on 25 August 2023 at the Trachten Trend 2024 presentation of the Fesch fair at the Brandboxx in Bergheim near the city of Salzburg.
Left: Policarpo founder and designer Cidália Amante-Policarpo in her own creation.
Middle, above: Katharina Krassnitzer (Fesch trade fair management), Markus Oberhamberger (Managing Director Brandboxx Salzburg) and Austrian singer and actress Ronja Forcher.
Middle, below: Weißwürste and a pretzel.
Right: Model Marc with shirt by Aumühle, vest by Kinga Mathe, lederhosen by Beckert, hat by Faustmann, stockings by Strumpf Dirks and shoes by Xaver Luis.

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