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26 January 2023

Gina Drewes presented new 'Monkey On My Shoulder' range 'Streetwear for Generations' with family members from three generations

Austrian designer Gina Drewes has continued her cross-generational collection presentations with a streetwear campaign and communicated that fashion nowadays knows no age limit. The motto 'You are as old as you feel' is central. Earlier this year, the Carinthia-based designer presented the 'Generationen Dirndl', a new interpretation of the traditional dress of the Austrian Federal State Carinthia (article). As role models appeared her grandmother Herta and mother Bernadette who are also the protagonists of the new campaign for Gina Drewes' streetwear label 'Monkey On My Shoulder'. The message of the campaign for the 'Streetwear for Generations' collection is that first and foremost, fashion has to be fun and that the feel-good factor plays the main role.

Image: Beanie, hoodie and sweater of the 'Streetwear für Generationen' collection of the 'Monkey On My Shoulder' label by Gina Drewes were presented by herself (left) with her grandmother Herta (middle) and her mother Bernadette (right). The campaign was launched in mid-February 2023. Photo: © Seppi Dabringer.

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