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31 March 2023

Insights into Cytara's tour through spaces on Spatial during the Metaverse Fashion Week

Cytara, the digital character of, visited several events in the virtual landscapes and spaces of Decentraland and Spatial during the ongoing Metaverse Fashion Week. On the occasion of the fashion week, the virtual reality platforms collaborate for the series of events dedicated to the MVFW 2023 theme 'Future Heritage'. One of the events visited on the first day of the Fashion Week on 28th March was the panel discussion 'MVFW Exclusible x Polycount Web3 Couture', where the current state of digital fashion and the influence of the new possibilities on the fashion business as well as on the presentation of fashion was discussed. The space can be accessed at Among the initiatives presented with digital fashion creations, short descriptions and contact links is the digital fashion platform 'altr', which is dedicated to "unlocking the value of cultural heritage and archival fashion", as the exhibition text states.

Image: The picture shows Cytara visiting the 'MVFW Exclusible x Polycount Web3 Couture' venue again three days later for additional research for this article. The avatar stands in front of the presentation of altr's world heritage pieces. Cytara wears a dress from the collection. It represents Indian textile craftsmanship (embroidery, block printing, weaving from the Rann of Kutch, Western Indian region). It is currently included by avatar provider ReadyPlayerMe as an outfit choice on

Instagram or Twitter are the main social media channels where more details about the digital fashion items are published for visitors of the fashion week. On Twitter, highlights of the week, such as the dress worn by Cytara, are featured; on Instagram, more details are posted, such as that altr collaborated with local designers, fashion experts and academics for the development of the 'Digital Meets Culture' creations, that the digital fashion platform is dedicated to cultural diversity and individuality in fashion, and that the dress contributing Indian heritage to the world culture collection was created by 3D fashion designer Simran Oswal. The designer posted a short behind-the-scenes video on Instagram, showing how the dress was created on the computer.

Yesterday Cytara went on another fashion week tour. This time through the 'MVFW23 MAD Global Curates' exhibition, located in a summery, very relaxed space at Spatial, hosted by architect Luis Fernandez @luisfern5 and avatar and 3D model creator MetaMuno @metamundo_co. Several of the designers were present and spoke about their work, such as fashion created by algorithms from CodeCouture. (Check out the video of yesterday's event posted by CodeCouture on Instagram).
Another artist who spoke about digital fashion was Sam J @samjstudios. Sam J combines art with new approaches to digital fashion, such as the idea of transferring the art of tattooing to the metaverse. Sam J's 3D art piece 'Feeling like an orchid' is one of the highlights of Cytara's Metaverse Fashion Week experience.

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