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8 March 2023

Ludwig Reiter presented the Spring/Summer 2023 collection of pieces like sandals with reference to the lifestyle of designer Emilie Flöge in the 1900s

This week, received the new campaign booklet for Ludwig Reiter women's and men's shoes, bags and accessories. It was released with information about the making of the campaign, which took place at the company's castle in Süßenbrunn in Vienna, where the manufactory and the headquarters were moved in 2011 after the manor house was acquired in 2008 and through the years revitalized. The Austrian company Ludwig Reiter looks back to a long history of shoemaking starting in 1885 and is known for reviving classic designs in a contemporary fashion like the sandal 'Emilie' from the Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

The sandal was presented with reference to the lifestyle of Austrian designer Emilie Flöge, muse and partner of Gustav Klimt, in the 1900s and closer details about the sole of the delicate-looking shoes. The stitched sole, the Goodyear welt, consists of various layers. The history of Goodyear rubber for soles dates back to the early 1900s. At that time it would have been rather unusual for a sole with grip to be used for elegant women's shoes. Inspired by the movement on the smooth, possibly slippery Viennese parquet floor of the 1900s, Ludwig Reiter equipped the sandals with a light all-terrain sole.

The new collection was presented by Anna Reiter-Smith from the owner family and her husband, photographer and the campaign's art director Jamie McGregor Smith, who together with a team of models, stylists, graphic designer and copywriter created the visuals and texts for the communication of the message "Light gives courage, so strive for your goals and stretch your toes in the right direction."

Images, from left: The campaign image of the Ludwig Reiter Spring/Summer 2023 collection shows the sandal 'Emilie'. Right: The married couple Anna Reiter Smith and Jamie McGregor Smith. Photos: © Ludwig Reiter 2023.
Credits of the campaign Ludwig Reiter Spring/Summer 2023: Franziska Esterházy and Romedius Türr (Models), Johanna Bouvier (Styling), Marie-Sophie Engel (Text), Nini Gregori (Graphic Design), Jamie McGregor Smith (Photos), Nehera and PAUL Vienna (Outfits) Peter Schiff (Print), PPM (Production).

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