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12 July 2023

Primark launched virtual window-shopping website with special 'Primark Cares' filter for new range designed using circular principles to make textiles last longer

This week, Irish retailer Primark launched an upgraded website in Austria ( to improve the shopping experience for its customers. The company operates in 15 countries and has more than 420 stores worldwide. The new website acts as a virtual storefront, allowing users to browse the product range without purchasing online. The site provides information on product availability in the five stores in Austria, as well as their facilities, such as a clothing recycling box or wheelchair access. was browsing the website today and came across the 'Fashion for the Future' page. Primark is known for its low price range. In recent years, several sources have reported on Primark's efforts in ethical and environmentally friendly strategies. On the top right of the website, the 'Primark Cares' navigation category leads to a page with reports on the activities, including insights into what materials are used for clothing items such as t-shirts, towels, swimwear or jewelry. The page with the latest press releases such as about the partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which is committed to creating a circular economy, leads with a click to the corporate website, where the news are published; among the articles, Circular Product Lead Nicholas Lambert's introduction to Primark's circular economy strategies. The insight focuses on the design approach to achieve the company's Circular Product Standard (CPS). This includes training product teams and key suppliers in circular design and improving the durability of garments. The first circular product line based on the Circular Product Standard was launched in April this year.

On the de-at website for users from Austria, the 'Fashion for the Future' page can be found translated into German with a presentation of the range consisting of basics such as t-shirts at 'Primark Cares' is also one of the possible filters of the virtual shop storefront.

Image: Screenshot provided by Primark Austria on occasion of the launch of the new website in July 2023. Photo: © Primark.

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