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27 June 2023

'Barbiecore' style tip by publisher Karin Sawetz under the motto 'Better to pack goods than become a puppet on a string'

In the 'Name of the Republic of Austria' I received a recommendation for the position of 'Packaging worker in light goods industry'. It was an evaluation of my person that I should follow. Packing goods is not so different from what I'm doing here on From time to time I give style tips for outfits. The magazine, based in the world's most liveable city (EIU Index 2023), is not supported by any governmental institutions, nor is it in the best of relations with Austrian institutions - otherwise I wouldn't have received the letter mentioned above. is not perfect and doesn't meet the quality requirements in Austria, but it's independent and not dictated by any government-related organization. Better to wrap goods than to be a puppet on a string!

Today's style tip is inspired by the movie 'Barbie', which will be released in European countries on 20th July. The movie is about Barbie who leaves Barbie Land - the seemingly perfect world - and lives in the real world for a while. Several sites speculate about the message of the story about the doll, which has been criticized since the 1960s for conveying misleading beauty standards and a limited choice of roles for girls. One of the speculations is that the doll, after being banished from Barbie Land for not being perfect, might find her inner self in the real world and come to the conclusion that inner qualities are more important than the appearance of the body and fashion.

As fashion always adapts a good story, the 'Barbiecore'-trend developed already last year with the first pictures from the movie. With its flashy pieces that reflect the pink color world of Barbie Land, the trend is literally the 'highlight' of the summer. The Barbiecore trend is like a call to pack up and explore the real world in all its diversity. Don't get boxed in!

Images: Always ready to jump into cold water! The outfit pieces in Barbiecore style were found at Peek & Cloppenburg Vienna, From left to right: Swimsuit by Esprit, cap by S. Oliver, pumps by Steve Madden, jacket and skirt by Michael Kors, bag by Guess.

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