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6 July 2023

Vintage shopping is trendy in Vienna. The upcoming event 'Textile Memory' combines a high-quality vintage store with a snapshot of the city's sustainable fashion scene

Waste reduction is an issue in Europe. On Wednesday this week, the European Commissioner for the Environment, Virginijus Sinkevicius, gave a speech on the European Union's strategies to reduce waste and promote the sustainable use of resources. Among the sectors mentioned was the fashion industry. Virginijus Sinkevicius stated that currently textile waste is not only a growing problem, but also a missed opportunity. According to him, 12.6 million tons of such waste are generated annually. He further mentioned that of this amount, 5.2 million tons are made up of clothing and footwear, resulting in 12 kilograms being wasted per person per year. In addition, only one-fifth of this waste is collected separately for reuse or recycling. Sinkevicius emphasized that this means that the majority of used textiles, about 80 percent, are not used in the economy and instead end up in incinerators or landfills. He proposed involving the industry more closely in the circular economy for textiles. (Source: Already in March 2022, the European Commission published the 'EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles' with detailed measures and a key action plan for the coming years.
Textile and fashion manufacturers in particular are urged in the above-mentioned texts to support the circular economy, reduce waste and use resources sustainably. Consumers, on the other hand, can help protect the environment by buying less, but better qualities that last longer. To prolong the life of a garment, vintage stores are an option, as well as clothing collection points where textile products are selected for reuse or recycling.

Vintage shopping is trendy in Vienna. Yesterday, for example, received the press information for the upcoming project event 'Textile Memory', which will present a snapshot of the current sustainable fashion, jewelry and textile art scene in Vienna in an arrangement of high-quality vintage pieces from DJ and music producer Welia's 'Enjoyment Per Dollar' collection. 'Textile Memory' is a pop-up event hosted and curated by Enjoyment Per Dollar. The event will take place from 24 July to 19 August at the messing schwarz projects gallery at Wipplingerstrasse 18 in Vienna's 1st district. Enjoyment Per Dollar offers vintage and archival fashion from renowned brands such as Chloé, Courrèges, Prada and Miu Miu. The event will feature a combination of stylish vintage items and exclusive designer pieces, complemented by textile artworks. The list of artisans, designers and artists is published on the gallery's website at The exhibition aims to bring textiles to life by showcasing familiar fabrics, techniques and cuts that evoke memories.

In the press release, Welia stated that in the realm of fashion trends, there is a consistent pattern of drawing inspiration from previous styles. She expressed that regardless of the emergence of new trends, there is a tendency to return to familiar fabrics, established methods and familiar cuts. Welia conveyed her intention to revive this sense of familiarity through the use of textiles in the exhibition.

Image: Campaign motif for the event 'Textile Memories', hosted and curated by Enjoyment Per Dollar, 24 July to 19 August 2023 at the messing schwarz projects gallery at Wipplingerstrasse 18 in Vienna's 1st district. Flyer: © James Francis Rogers.

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