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14 June 2024

Thai designers celebrate 15th anniversary of collaborating with Vienna Fashion Week

Vienna Fashion Week and the Royal Thai Embassy in Vienna have announced the designers who will present their collections at the Thai Fashion Show on September 12th. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the collaboration between VFW and designers from Thailand. got a first preview of the collections of the four selected creators: Gongdid, Piyasila, Riva_Frank Weeneggsinn and Rose Mars by Marayat. Even though each of them has a very different style, they have one thing in common: they develop signature fabrics and let the quality of the textiles play the main role in their fashion designs.

Images courtesy of Vienna Fashion Week, from left to right:

The name of the pleated clothing brand Gongdid - according to, Gongdid means weaving machine - refers to the designer's source of inspiration, which lies in the quality, performance and feel of the fabrics. Photo: Choe Minjung.

At, Piyasila introduces to the production of eco-friendly hemp fiber fashion made in a community collaboration. The fabrics are sourced from local communities - hill tribes - and dyed with natural dyes.

Riva_Frank Weeneggsinn already impressed last year by giving fabrics a new surface through the use of traditional techniques such as smoking or origami. (Details at

Rose Mars by Marayat is specialized in denim upcycling.

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