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1 July 2024

Vienna-based fashion studio Glein presented their summer collection and praised the benefits of linen

Austria is currently ahead of France in the group standings of the ongoing European Football Championship and will play Turkey tomorrow, but when it comes to fashion, the country has no chance of competing in the international fashion business with countries like France, the home of luxury labels, or Turkey, one of Europe's favorite textile and clothing production locations. Austrian fashion companies - mostly small and medium-sized enterprises - don't have the "pouvoir" to build brands that can play a significant role in the international market. But even without the financial power of global brands and despite the undercutting offers of fast-fashion providers from Asia, some Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises are consistently pursuing the path of slow fashion and sustainable products. The image of Austrian fashion is also based on the fact that most of the fabrics and garments are produced in Europe, a region strongly associated with fair working conditions. It is not always important to be the winner when it seems more correct to play by different rules - especially when it comes to the fashion business.

Vienna-based atelier & shop Glein (founded 2017 by Sebastian Leitinger) is known for basic pieces in purist, classic design made from materials sourced and spun, fabrics woven, and clothing and leather goods manufactured in Europe. Recently, the collection of linen shorts, shirts, and caps, sewn in workshops in Europe from fabrics spun, woven, dyed, and processed in a closed loop in Istanbul, Turkey, from flax grown in France and Belgium, was presented with a PR campaign extolling the benefits of linen, such as the material, made from the stems of the flax plant, being among the cooling fabrics for hot summer days. In the press release, Glein pointed out that linen is one of the most resource-efficient materials available. It requires minimal pesticides due to the flax plant's resistance to pests. Linen's germicidal and odor-neutralizing properties mean it can be maintained with minimal laundering, saving water and energy. These benefits make linen a good choice for allergy sufferers and environmentally conscious consumers.

Images: The pictures show two of the campaign visuals for the linen collection by Glein, which is available in various muted colors; on view at the pictures undyed and pine green. The collection is available at Glein's Atelier & Shop at Neustiftgasse 18 in Vienna's 7th district and online at Photos: Glein.

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