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15 September 2021 tour tip Autumn 2021: From the museum place to 'The LaLa' for coffee and sweets before the tour to Austrian designer stores direction new 'Hotel Motto' starts

When a tourist asks where to make a culinary and shopping tour in Vienna, the answer is (currently) "Explore the area of the 7th district 'Neubau' and the 6th district of Vienna, 'Mariahilf'" where many Austrian labels and interesting new gastro and hotel locations opened in the last years or will open soon such as the stylish Hotel Motto - very probably the city's new must-have-been-there place. For the starting point of a tour near the Museumsplatz where the Natural History, Art History museums and MQ-MuseumsQuartier are located, the vegan restaurant 'The LaLa' can be recommended for getting prepared with coffee and sweets for the around 1,4 km walk.

Image: The picture shows a street view of the vegan restaurant 'The LaLa' and (right) the alternatively sweetened 'Praliné Trüffel' (one for 1,50.- Euros) which can be consumed with a coffee or tea at 'The LaLa' at Neustiftgasse 23 in the 7th district directly or can be taken away packed in plastic-free boxes. Photos from left: Street view © The LaLa /; right: © The LaLa.

The owners Susanna Paller and Cecilia Havmöller are known in Austria for their 'Veganista' ice cream creations which are available in supermarkets and at the business women's own stores respectively ice salons. 'The LaLa' is another culinary brand by the Veganista founders who were inspired by the idea to develop healthy snacks which can be consumed at the restaurant or can be comfortably taken away. Among the currently available California inspired dishes and delicacies is the 100% alternatively sweetened (100% sugar-free and vegan) range of sweets like the 'Millionaire Bite' consisting of a gluten-free oatmeal crust with date caramel and chocolate ganache or the 'Praliné Trüffel' made from 100% hazelnut cream and raw cocoa.

As a guide for the exploration of a selected area of the city's 7th and 6th district, drew on Google maps a direction plan with starting point 'The LaLa' and end point 'Hotel Motto'.

Image: View at the Boutique Hotel Motto at Mariahilfer Strasse 71a in the 6th district of Vienna; entrance is at Schadekgasse 20. Hotel Motto opens officially on 2nd October 2021; the soft-opening on 16 September is starting with the restaurant 'Chez Bernard' (picture right). Photos: © Oliver Jiszda.

Map of the tour tip Autumn 2021: In between the starting and end points, stores of Viennese brands and retailers with focus on Austrian designers or founded in Austria such as the surf, skate and snowsports specialist 'Blue Tomato'. The retailer is headquartered in Schladming (Styria) and counts athletes like Olympic Gold medalist Anna Gasser to its team riders.

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