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15 April 2023

New culinary series 'Hungry for more' launches with episode 'Viennese Street Food Style' hosted by 2-star Michelin chef Lukas Mraz

The Vienna Tourist Board presented the latest international WienTourismus campaign 'Hungry for more' with the new culinary video series, in which chef Lukas Mraz of the Michelin 2-stars restaurant 'Mraz und Sohn' guides through the Viennese gastronomy and cuisine scene.

The first video, titled 'Vienna's Most Delicious Sausages: Street Food Tour with Chef Lukas Mraz' follows the chef to some extraordinary sausage stands. The Wiener Würstelstand (Viennese sausage stand) is in general a booth or small building where mainly sausages (Würstel) are prepared in the classical way as well as creative new dishes. In the video, Lukas Mraz speaks with the street food stand owners, some of whom he seems to have known since childhood, about the food they serve and the ingredients they use, which range from horse meat to vegan ingredients to hot spices. Mraz has chosen a few gems that are known to the connoisseurs of the scene, which makes the video series interesting not only for visitors to Vienna. In the description of the video, the stands are mentioned by name, which makes it easier to find them. The video ends with the development of a new creation by Lukas Mraz in his kitchen at the restaurant 'Mraz und Sohn'. Inspired by the Vienna street food tour, he prepares a Käsekrainer Falafel.

It has been announced that the next videos are already planned; in the upcoming episode Lukas Mraz will explore sweet Vienna.

Image: 2-star Michelin chef Lukas Mraz of the restaurant 'Mraz und Sohn' is the host of the first episode 'Streetfood Viennese Style' of the culinary series 'Hungry for more' presented by the Vienna Tourist Board (WienTourismus). The series gives insights into the city's gastronomy scene and the distinctive 'Wiener Küche' (Viennese Cuisine) with its characteristic dishes. Photo: © WienTourismus;

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