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8 January 2024

Hypotonic or isotonic sports drink? New sports drink made from Austrian Alpine water and black tea was presented by Peeroton, official supplier of the Austrian Olympic Team, with nutrition tip.

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Just in time for the warm-up phase for the next marathons and the Olympic Summer Games, the Austrian sports drink and nutrition company Peeroton has launched the new sugar-free electrolyte drink 'Racing Blue' with raspberry flavor, which is based on black tea and Austrian Alpine water to hydrate the body and support it with B vitamins and magnesium. The drink is packaged in recycled PET with a tethered cap that stays attached to the package to reduce plastic waste in waterways, beaches or forests. Since 1994, for almost 30 years, Peeroton has collaborated with experts and scientists in sports training and medicine to develop nutrition on a pharmaceutical level and has worked with international athletes. Peeroton is one of the official outfitters of the Austrian Olympic team and supports athletes in both winter and summer disciplines. Peeroton's sports drinks are widely distributed and available at various retail outlets, including sporting goods stores, gas stations, grocery stores, drug stores, sports clubs, and on the website

In today's press release, the company explained the difference between hypotonic and isotonic sports drinks and added some statistics and a calculation of calories burned. The choice depends on factors such as exercise intensity and duration. Hypotonic drinks are more effective for rapid fluid replacement during low-impact activities with significant sweating. According to Peeroton, 80 percent of all sports activities last less than an hour, yet isotonic drinks are used. For this type of exercise, an isotonic drink would have too many calories compared to the calories burned. This means that you will consume more than you burn during exercise. As a result, the body will gain more weight. The Racing Blue hypotonic sports drink is recommended for short duration activities, such as an hour at the gym, where rapid hydration without unnecessary caloric intake is essential. It is also suitable for team sports where rapid hydration is required without compromising digestion and concentration. The black tea in Racing Blue contains caffeine for stimulation and antioxidant properties.
'Racing Blue' is the third variety of hypotonic sports drinks. The two other flavors 'Wild Peach' and 'Inspiring Lemon' are based on green tea, which is known for its health benefits and antioxidants, and can improve metabolism, provide antioxidant effects and moderate caffeine effects.

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