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11 October 2016

Viennese jewelry atelier StossImHimmel celebrates 20th anniversary with exhibition

The jewelry collective's brand name StossImHimmel is eponymous to the location Stoss im Himmel where the atelier is located since 1996. 'Stoss im Himmel' could be translated as 'kick to the sky'. On occasion of the atelier's 20th anniversary, the eight members of the collective invite from 20 October until 31 December 2016 to the exhibition 'Dauer einer Bewegung' (means 'Duration of Movement'). The title of the exhibition references the collected work experiences and artistic developments of the jewelry collective StossImHimmel during the last 20 years.

fig. right: Jewelry by the artists of StossImHimmel, located at Stoss im Himmel 3 in the first district of Vienna. Photo: (c) Lukas Gaechter Photography

fig. below: Artists of the jewelry atelier 'Stossimhimmel'. First row from left: Kamilla Wróbel, Izabella Petrut, Michelle Kraemer, Astrid Siber. Second row, from left: Eva Tesarik, Lena Grabher, Heike Wanner, Caroline Ertl. Photo: Stossimhimmel.

In 1996, StossImHimmel was founded by Caroline Ertl, Eva Tesarik, Heike Wanner, Birgit Wie. and Max Grün; first three mentioned are still active in the collective; latest new member of the group is Lena Grabher.

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