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5 October 2018

Preview Vienna Art Week 2018 'Promising Paradise': Artwork 'Curtain' by artist duo Hanakam & Schuller who research utopias and landscapes of happiness, love previewed the catalogue and website of the upcoming Vienna Art Week (19 - 25 November) which explores under this year's motto 'Promising Paradise' landscapes of happiness - from utopias or the imagination of a desired paradise to supposedly guaranteed paradises.

Artistic Director Robert Punkenhofer on the concept of this year's Vienna Art Week: "We examine how art deals with the myth-enshrouded concept of paradise and take a look at images associated with paradise as a non-place that often only seems to exist by virtue of its absence."

The artwork 'Curtain' by the Austrian artists Hanakam & Schuller (studied both at the University of Applied Arts Vienna) is one of the pieces which are already on view at the catalogue and online. The exhibition 'Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller - Cythera' at 'Spazio Pulpo' (dedicated to genre-border-crossing approaches to fields like 'art', 'design') is contributed to the exploration of landscapes. Keywords like love or romance are mentioned at the announcement. Cythera is described as "mythological paradise island of love". The artists' explorations of these landscapes are driven by scientific research on the origins, authenticity of motifs - respectively the investigation of the historicity of a design, pattern or of a leitmotif, idea.

fig. from left: Cover of the catalogue and campaign image of Vienna Art Week 2018; © Perndl + Co.
Right: Hanakam & Schuller, Curtain, 2008; © Hanakam & Schuller.

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