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27 July 2020

Seen at the preview of the upcoming art, food, design Fesch'Markt events in Austria (Linz, Graz, Vienna): Socially and politically critical illustrations by Bianca Gschlecht

Since 2010, the Austrian traveling art, food, design market Fesch'Markt is known as platform for independent companies with focus on local and fair production. Now, Fesch'Markt provided a preview into the upcoming events in Austria's three largest cities, Vienna (21 - 23 August), Graz (14 - 16 August), Linz (7 - 9 August) with some of the highlights such as the illustration by Bianca Gschlecht (

Images provided by Fesch'Markt: Bianca Gschlecht's works address topics like body positivity, diversity as well as current politics. It's announced that the artist's illustrations will be presented in small editions at the Fesch'Markt in Graz, Styria from 14 to 16 August 2020.

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