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24 January 2024

Interior trends from Vienna by plant boutique Salon Verde: Plants with air-purifying qualities

The 'Salon Verde' plant boutiques of Austria's largest garden center, bellaflora, were founded in 2022 and expanded to three salons in Vienna in 2023. The assortment focuses on an urban concept and plants for interiors and home accessories such as vases and small furniture. Now, at the beginning of 2024, the green salon published in a press release trends for the interior, focusing on plants with air-purifying qualities and easy handling. In the trend release, the salon announced a workshop with urban gardener Marlies Steurer, who will share her knowledge about designing a comfortable home with plants; details are published on

The trend view starts with the easiest plants for beginners - even when not explicitly air-purifiers: Cacti and succulents. At Salon Verde, they are regional products. They are cultivated near Vienna in Wiener Neustadt. According to the plant specialist, it's a trend to place them in groups of different sizes and pots.

The air-purifiers mentioned in the trend release are the plant Monstera Deliciosa Variegata - with its large leaves it's an excellent oxygen dispenser and supporter of good air humidification in the living space, Dieffenbachia - also a plant with large leaves, and Anthurium. The last one is also known as the flamingo flower. It blooms often and for a long time. The discolored bracts can be red, pink, white, purple, green and bicolored. The actual flowers are tiny and sit on yellow or cream-colored bulbs. The heart-shaped, glossy leaves purify the air. The plant prefers a warm, bright or partially shaded location without direct sun and feels very comfortable in the bathroom due to the high humidity.

Image: Insight into one of the Salon Verde stores in Vienna. Photo: Marion Bayr.

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