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18 February 2024

A kaleidoscopic journey through changing perspectives on norms! The Albertina Modern's exhibition 'The Beauty of Diversity' mediates an inventory of social values co-created by artists.

This week, the exhibition 'The Beauty of Diversity' opened at the Albertina Modern in Vienna, where it will be on view until August 18, 2024. The Beauty of Diversity presents artworks by artists who have challenged the established art world by addressing issues of diversity and violence by placing marginalized, underrepresented, and discriminated groups at the center of the narrative of their work. The Albertina Modern takes visitors on a journey through several rooms where art spanning around 50 years, with a strong focus on contemporary art of the last two decades, showcases a broad spectrum of approaches and perspectives, including those of women, LGBTQIA+ artists, people of color, and indigenous communities.

The chapters of the exhibition offer a broad program, which ranges from formal aspects, such as in the room 'Hybrid Forms,' which questions cultural diversity, identity, and conventional role models, to aspects of social consciousness building in 'Puppet Shows,' where visitors can expect a juxtaposition of innocence and horror through puppets that evoke childhood nostalgia, but also delve into darker themes such as abuse and violence. The 'Self-Empowerment' room is dedicated to women's rights and empowerment, featuring artists who rebel against societal norms and fight for gender equality through their art. Room #6 is titled 'Black Art Matters' and features artworks that reflect the politicization and sensitization of racism and social discrimination against people of African descent, drawing on historical and contemporary themes of struggle and resilience.

By highlighting the work of artists from continents such as Australia, Africa, Asia, and South America, the exhibition challenges Eurocentric narratives and enriches the artistic canon with diverse voices and perspectives. Curated by the Director of Albertina Modern Angela Stief, the exhibition aims to redefine notions of beauty and aesthetics while promoting inclusivity and cultural diversity in the art world. Watch the Instagram video interview with Angela Stief in honor of Black History Month speaking about the exhibition and naming three of her favorite BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People Of Color) artists of 'The Beauty of Diversity'.

Image: Sungi Mlengeya, Wallow, 2022. Acrylic on canvas 150 140 cm. Private Collection; Sungi Mlengeya. Photo: Courtesy of Afriart Gallery.
On, the work of Sungi Mlengeya (born 1991 in Tanzania) is introduced as a commemoration of the freedom and power of the women around her "by capturing them in an indomitable light and suspending them in infinite spaces filled with possibilities."

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