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2 April 2024

Legal vs. illegal fashion quiz, nature video game premiere, and new bike project are highlights of Citizen Science Day at Vienna's Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum (NHM) in Vienna is gearing up for Citizen Science Day on April 6. It's the fun event for the whole family at the European Citizen Science Association (ESCA) conference, which takes place April 3-6 at the BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences) in Vienna under the motto 'Change'. (Details about the conference are published on

The Citizen Science Day program is extensive. looked through the details published on, with descriptions of a wide range of innovative projects, such as the 'Biodiversity Jump'n'Run' video game, which will premiere on April 6. The game can be played on an eleven meter long LED wall on Deck 50 of the NHM. It is designed to teach about biodiversity in a fun way by engaging players. The game uses animal avatars with unique abilities to navigate through different landscapes and discover native plant and animal species. It was developed by the Vienna-based software company Spotteron, which is also behind other highlights in the field of citizen-led science projects via apps, which will be showcased at the NHM.

The website of the NHM Citizen Science Day partner 'Österreich forscht' at presents projects developed with the technological expertise of the specialists of Spotteron. At the NHM event, 'Österreich forscht' will introduce what Citizen Science is and give tips on how to start and finance an own project - perhaps with the playful integration of technological tools from Spotteron.

Think Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but on two wheels! The 'Jeanne' bicycle is named after marine biologist and aquarium inventor Jeanne Villepreux-Power, who started out as a dressmaker before turning to science. Jeanne is a mobile laboratory and serves as a platform for educating children and non-museum visitors about marine ecosystems. It's said to be equipped with storytelling features, self-guided learning tools, and the ability to create stop-motion films - well, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang qualities. And by the way, Jeanne aims to inspire commitment to the restoration of marine ecosystems and foster a sense of social responsibility.

For fashionistas, the most interesting project at the NHM Citizen Science Marketplace will be the one where people can test their knowledge about legal and illegal products. It's announced that a wide variety of items and products confiscated by customs authorities will be presented on the topic of wildlife crime and species protection regulations. Visitors are invited to test their knowledge on whether the fashion products are made of reptile, bird or mammal leather and which species are affected by the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

The multimedia coral bike 'Jeanne' will go on tour for the first time on April 6, 2024 at the Citizen Science Day at the NHM - Natural History Museum Vienna. Photo: © NHM Wien, C. Rittmannsperger.

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