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20 January 2024

MAK Program Preview 2024/25: Save-the-dates for exhibitions of fashion, art and design, including a show of artworks by Helmut Lang in Los Angeles. joined the live stream of the MAK Museum of Applied Arts press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the program 2024 with a view to 2025. The conference took place in the hall of the museum's major exhibition 'Hard/Soft: Textiles and Ceramics in Contemporary Art' - one of the most remarkable shows of 2023. MAK Director Lilli Hollein reflected on the past year and the museum's success in stimulating interest in design and art, especially among younger people. Hollein mentioned several success factors such as interactivity and workshops to involve the audience. The strategies also include digital projects such as the MAK 3D digitization project, which affects various departments of the museum. As an example, Lilli Hollein mentioned the carpet collection and the mediation of carpet knotting. Visitors to the MAK Collection Online can view high-resolution 3D models of carpets "down to the last knot".

The first major exhibition in 2024 'Protest/Architecture. Barricades, Camps, Superglue' will open on February 14, focusing on the creation of architecture that can't be easily taken over by the authorities, and on the culture of protest, especially between 1968 and 2023. The exhibition is accompanied by a kind of encyclopedia, which describes in alphabetical order terms and names that have made protest history in Austria, such as 'Z' for the protests against the nuclear power plant 'Zwentendorf' in the 1970s. The exhibition will not only provide insights into the architecture of barricades, but also into the construction of the Austrian state by democratic means.

The program is diverse and attended the conference especially to get news about activities in the field of fashion and design. The '(Con)temporary Fashion Showcase', which started in 2022, will continue with fashion design presentations, talks, discussions and other events from May 11 to November 10 at the summer garden palace Geymüllerschlössel. Further details have not yet been announced. The exhibitions at the Geymüllerschlössel are known for highlighting Austrian designers with a view to their careers, the development of their unique style, special techniques, the intentions behind the creation of selected collections, social messages, etc.

Trends in fashion photography will be the theme of the exhibition 'Fashion & Photography' from November 6, 2024 to March 16, 2025 at the MAK Design Lab in the MAK Museum on Stubenring in Vienna's 1st district.

Another exhibition already marked in the calendar is 'Aut Now. 100 × Austrian Design for the 21st Century' from September 18, 2024 to May 18, 2025 in the MAK Museum. It's announced that a jury will select 100 Austrian design products ranging from furniture, household appliances, tools, lighting, consumer electronics, accessories, to design for personal care, health and mobility. Each of the objects will be described in detail.

And the last date on's calendar - in case happens to be in Los Angeles between October 7, 2024 and January 12, 2025 - is the 'Helmut Lang' exhibition at Schindler House, where the MAK Center for Art and Architecture is located. It will be the first solo exhibition of Helmut Lang's artwork in Los Angeles. After leaving his eponymous label in 2005, Lang focused his work on art. His archive from 1986-2005 is permanently housed at the MAK in Vienna. In Los Angeles, Helmut Lang will create an installation that explores the human condition as well as environmental, socio-economic, and socio-political issues, as announced in the program preview.

Lilli Hollein, General Director and Artistic Director of the MAK Museum of Applied Arts at the MAK annual press conference on January 18, 2024. Photo: © MAK/Georg Mayer.

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