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6 January 2024

Mountain Chalet in compact design for the connection with nature. The Austrian company Strohboid presented its latest design for wooden constructions.

The latest design from the Austrian company Strohboid seems to bring the practicality of a Swiss knife to a cabin made for the Alps. The 'Mountain Chalet' includes a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, closets, dining area and a roofed terrace. The presentation of the compact wooden construction is targeted in particular at holiday parks, nature resorts, hotels and landowners, who can expect an amortization of the investment of 107,000 euros. Strohboid was founded in Styria in 2018 and moved its production to Theresienfeld in Lower Austria in October 2022, from where the products, such as event or glamping tents, designed from Strohboid's patent-protected and TÜV-tested wooden lattice shell, are exported to customers in over 13 countries worldwide, including Central Europe and America. In 2024 it's planned to focus on further expansion to Scandinavia as well as North America and Canada.

Image: The picture shows the Strohboid 'Mountain Chalet' in a panoramic view on the mountain. The company's latest construction, with a wide glass front and wooden shingle roof, is designed with sheep wool and wood wool insulation and air heat exchangers to protect against cold weather and extreme winds. Photographer: Misheel Ariun. Photo: © Strohboid.

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