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28 March 2024

Salt lick for wild animals such as deer and chamois in the form of Benvenuto Cellini's Saliera in an art project in a forest in Salzkammergut, Austria, will be part of the Climate Biennale Vienna from April

The Saliera, a golden salt and pepper vessel, is a 16th-century sculpture by Benvenuto Cellini inspired by nature and the interplay of the elements. It depicts two deities - Neptune for the sea and Tellus for the earth. The luxurious table sculpture features several symbols. Prominently placed motifs represent time and the winds. The salt cellar is one of the treasures of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (information at

Today, the Austrian Federal Forests (÷sterreichische Bundesforste) released information about an art project in which the Saliera plays the main role. Only this time the sculpture is not made of gold, but of salt. The art installation of the salt Saliera in the forest was created by the Romanian artists Anca Benera and Arnold EstefŠn in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Forests. It is part of the project 'Unworlding', which is inspired by ancient creation myths and aims to merge art and nature, highlighting the intricate connections between humanity and forests. The project was commissioned by the Kunst Haus Wien and will be presented as part of the Climate Biennale Vienna in the exhibition 'Into The Woods' from April 6 (details about the exhibition are published on

The Saliera by Anca Benera and Arnold EstefŠn presents a replica of Cellini's 'Saliera' made entirely of salt and placed in a forest in Styria's Salzkammergut region as an Easter gift for wildlife, according to the press release. The salt comes from the Altaussee salt mine. As part of the installation, wildlife cameras were strategically placed to document how natural elements and wildlife interact with the salt sculpture. Deer, chamois and squirrels have been observed interacting with the sculpture and using it as a salt lick to supplement their mineral intake.

Image: The picture shows two chamois licking at the salt Saliera in the Altaussee Forest in the Salzkammergut region of Austria. Photo: © ÷Bf / Thomas Kranabitl. More images have been posted today at

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