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23 June 2024 tip for open-air theater-concert fusion: Salzburger Festspiele's new Jedermann, actor Philipp Hochmair, performs 'Jedermann Reloaded' as a rock music concert at Clam Castle.

Summer is the season of outdoor theater and music festivals. An upcoming event combines both, bringing a play with medieval origins and rock music to the open-air stage of a castle that was first mentioned in the 12th century in 1149.

This week, it was announced that Austrian actor Philipp Hochmair will bring his innovative performance 'Jedermann Reloaded' to Burg Clam in Upper Austria on August 9, 2024. The popular actor, best known from theater and TV series, is the star of the upcoming Salzburg Festival. He will star as Jedermann in the play of the same name about the life and death of a rich man ( Hochmair first received acclaim in 2018 when he stepped in at the Salzburg Festival, and will officially perform as Jedermann at this year's festival. His reinterpretation, which began in 2013 with the band 'Die Elektrohand Gottes', aims to make the traditional piece more accessible and engaging. For the concert at Burg Clam, Hochmair is reimagining Hugo von Hofmannsthal's classic play 'Jedermann' as a modern rock concert, transforming the more than 100-year-old play, which was developed from medieval folk tales, into an apocalyptic spoken word piece with the help of his band. It's announced that the performance will feature Hochmair playing multiple roles, enhanced by experimental sounds and guitar riffs, creating a unique and compelling theatrical experience.

More than 7,000 people are expected to attend the open-air theater-concert fusion event. The tickets are available from a 69.99 to 249.99 euros; the last mentioned prize is for attending the event in the VIP area with catering. In the range of 69.99 to 129.99 a large amount of tickets are already sold (fast checked today by on

Image: Portrait of the actor Philipp Hochmair from April 2024. On August 9, Hochmair and the band 'Die Elektrohand Gottes' will perform 'Jedermann Reloaded' at Burg Clam in Upper Austria. Photo: © Stephan Brückler.

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