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5 March 2024

Trends in Austria: Survey by Marketagent shows the trends of celebrating Easter in comparison between 2011 vs 2024

Fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday is much more popular among the population, Easter eggs are a big deal, and giving presents to children is customary in Austria. These are three of the most important facts about the traditions of Easter, which is celebrated by the majority - 79 percent - of Austrians.

Today the Austrian online research company Marketagent released the results of the survey 'Easter in Austria. Celebrations, Fasting, Holidays' of 8 questions among 1,000 people between the ages of 14 and 75 in a sample representative of the country's population. The survey was conducted via Marketagent's online access panel over a period of approximately ten days in February. The results show that Easter has transitioned from being primarily a religious holiday to being primarily celebrated as a traditional family event. This trend was illustrated with graphs comparing 2011 results to recent responses to questions such as the personal meaning of Easter.

While the majority of Austrians still observe Easter, church customs have taken a back seat, with only about one in five attaching religious significance to the holiday. Popular traditions include decorating Easter eggs and enjoying chocolate bunnies, while church attendance has declined over the years. Only about one in three people attend the consecration of palms. Fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday remains common, regardless of religious affiliation. However, traditional fasting on these days is much more popular among the population. Whether religious or not, 6 out of 10 avoid meat, alcohol and sweets on at least one of these days. Gift giving, especially to children, is common, with an average of 57 spent per person. In addition, some Austrians choose to travel during the Easter holidays, with destinations that offer warmth and sunshine preferred over skiing.

Image: The chart from the survey 'Easter in Austria. Celebrations, Fasting, Holidays' by Marketagent, conducted between 8 February and 19 February among a representative sample of 1,000 Austrians, shows the top 10 Easter traditions named by those who celebrate Easter, which is 78.9% of respondents, in 2024 compared to 2011: In 2024, colorful Easter eggs are the most popular Easter tradition in Austria with 76%, followed by the chocolate Easter bunny with 69%, the popular family game in which children search for hidden Easter eggs is in third place with 58%, egg pecks with 57%, chocolate Easter eggs 53%, Easter bouquet 50%, long plaited buns 'Easter striezel' 45%, Easter ham 41%, painting Easter eggs 39%, consecration of palms 32%. Photo: Marketagent.

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