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1 January 2024

Tyrol Insight: Jump into the cold water! 21st New Year's Eve Swim at Lake Achensee with costumes from Snow White to 'Klimakleber' (Climate Gluer)

Among the sources of inspiration for the costumes worn by the participants in yesterday's New Year's Eve Swim at Lake Achensee in Tyrol were climate activists who caused a stir in Austria last year when they glued themselves to roads or objects to demonstrate against climate policy. The actions polarized the population, especially when it came to obstructing traffic or damaging objects. The organizer of the event, Achensee Tourism, released insights into the traditional swim, which took place for the 21st time. Nearly 80 brave swimmers faced challenges including a 25-meter swim in five degrees Celsius water to reach an iceberg, a reminder that the Achensee is a natural lake formed by glaciers, ring a New Year's Eve bell, and return to shore. In the 'Sport' category, the fastest swimmers received a total prize money of 1,000 euros. In the 'Fun' category, costumed swimmers, including 'Snow White and the Four Dwarfs' and the 'Climate Gluers', added a creative, entertaining and humorous touch to the event. Non-cash prizes were awarded to 'Fun'-participants for their efforts and imaginative costumes. Achensee publishes a video with impressions of selected performances on Instagram.
The group dressed in high visibility vests inspired by the Climate Gluers have not only demonstrated ingenuity for the group performance on the diving platform, but also placed their climate action message under the motto 'Save the New Year's Eve Swim'. By the way, the Achensee, the largest lake in Tyrol, is used to generate environmentally friendly energy through hydropower.

Image: The picture shows one of the groups of swimmers at the 21st New Year's Eve Swim on December 31, 2023 at Achensee in Tyrol, dressed in 'Climate Gluers'-inspired costumes, sitting on the diving platform and holding a banner asking if the New Year's Eve Swim is in danger due to global warming and providing information about the current water temperature, which is already at 5 degrees. Photo: Achensee Tourismus / Photographer: Hildegard Fill.

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