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29 March 2024

Vienna Art Week calls for submissions and presented this year's motto 'Facing Time'; looked closer at the curatorial text and asked AI to visualize thoughts on the theme

Today, the annual Vienna Art Week published its latest newsletter with two calls for the upcoming exhibitions and event series for its 20th edition from November 8 to 15. The call for artists to open their studios during the 'Open Studio Days', where visitors can meet artists and get an impression of artists' work on November 9 and 10, as well as the call for program proposals to participate as 'Independent Art Spaces and Projects' partners have already been published on the website on with information about this year's motto 'Facing Time'. But only the program proposals are defined by this year's theme, which - after reading the curatorial text - is very open as far as 'time' plays a role. The text was written by Robert Punkenhofer, Artistic Director of Vienna Art Week, who is also known for being the principal owner of the luxury watch manufactory Carl Suchy & Söhne Uhrenfabrik, and Julia Hartmann, Associate Curator Vienna Art Week. In the context of the 20th anniversary, 'Facing Time' could be understood as a reflection on the past and the future of the Vienna Art Week. But those who know the non-profit festival know that it won't be that profane: the theme has nothing to do with the anniversary - as far as the curatorial text can be interpreted. And probably the most important hint of what to expect can be read at the end of the text, which makes it clear that the Vienna Art Week has set itself the goal of shedding light on the social and political circumstances and the changes that society is currently undergoing.

The curatorial text explores the multifaceted nature of time, its historical and cultural significance, and its representation in art. It begins by discussing different concepts of time, such as chronos (linear time) and kairos (opportune moments), and how different cultures perceive and measure time. The text delves into the philosophical, biological, and psychological aspects of time, touching on topics such as aging, mortality, and the human perception of time. Artistic representations of time throughout history are also examined, from classic symbols such as hourglasses and skulls to modern media such as photography and video art. Examples of contemporary artists who use time as a central theme in their work are provided, along with insights into their creative processes and conceptual approaches. The text also addresses societal issues related to time, such as the commodification of time, gender disparities in part-time employment, and the impact of social acceleration on individual well-being. It highlights the importance of finding balance and resonance in a fast-paced world and advocates for political and social change to address time poverty and promote leisure as a human right. The Vienna Art Week aims to confront the passage of time and invites its audience to live in the present moment.

Image: seized the opportunity and asked Copilot on, powered by DALL-E 3, for the creation of a picture that shows a face, a clock and artworks from various centuries as a reflection on the past and the future. The picture was generated with AI today on March 29, 2024.

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