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16 May 2022

adidas Five Ten presented on occasion of the new pedal shoe 'Sleuth DLX Canvas' the video 'Danny Do a Wheelie' by bike athlete Danny MacAskill showing the diversity of today's riders

On occasion of the launch of the adidas Five Ten 'Sleuth DLX Canvas' from the range of flat pedal shoes designed especially for biking with grippy rubber sole (developed originally for rock climbers), the brand supported the short film 'Danny Do a Wheelie' by Scottish street trials and mountain bike rider Danny MacAskill.

The video was released on 10th May with the background story about the start of the project which began with the call #WheelieWithDanny in social media to post pics and videos. In the press release, Danny MacAskill says about his motivation to show the diversity of today's riders: "I watched the popularity of bike riding explode during the pandemic. I wanted to make a film that was more inclusive than ever before, along with showcasing some incredibly talented riders of a broad range of age, background and riding experience."
The result of his efforts is 'Danny Do A Wheelie' which was made in partnership with adidas Five Ten and shot on locations in Scotland. Among the riders who join Danny are young bike athlete Lil Spartan, 3-times World Champion in artistic cycling Viola Brand and mountain bike pioneer Hans Rey.

The video is published with a call to sign up for getting access to Danny's 'How To Wheelie' tutorial.

Image: 'Do A Wheelie', Find The Balance Point. Photographer: Dave Mackinson.

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