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17 October 2023

Swiss bag label Freitag's truckspotters and circular sourcers selected materials like reflective truck markings for bike-friendly, repairable bags and named them after famous female engineers

Just in time for the first foggy days of the season, the Swiss bag label Freitag has launched the bag series 'Reflected Bag'. According to the press release, each bag is named after an important female engineer in world history. The 'Warren' crossbody bag makes think of Emily Warren Roebling, who oversaw the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. Freitag's material sourcing teams are given special mention in the release. The 'Truckspotters' collected discarded truck tarpaulins and reflectors, and the 'Circular Sourcers' selected recycled material from PET bottles.

Image: The campaign image for the 'Reflected Bag' series shows the 'Warren' crossbody bag. It can also be worn as an oversized hip bag. It features a zippered main compartment, a recycled truck tarpaulin front pocket and is designed for visibility and easy repair. The range launched in stores and online on 11 October 2023. At the new range is presented with a short video that gives an impression of the reflective material of the bags in traffic. Photo: © Elias Bötticher.

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