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16 October 2023

Petra Fagerstrom impressed the jury of the Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Prize at the Festival d'HyŤres with her creation made from upcycled car materials

Mercedes-Benz has awarded the company's 3rd Sustainability Prize to Petra Fagerstrom, who was selected by the jury of the fashion competitions at the 38th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories in HyŤres. The designer studied fashion design at Parsons in Paris and was recently invited to join the group of young designers supported by the Swedish Fashion Council. On it is pointed out that responsible fashion and change in the fashion industry is a particular focus of Petra Fagerstrom's work. For the Sustainability Prize, the finalists upcycled materials from Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in their designs. Materials were used from components such as airbags, seat covers and belts, sun blinds, convertible roof fabric and floor mats.

Support was provided through the mentorship of Esthetica, which is dedicated to inspiring change in the fashion industry. In the case of the HyŤres mentorship, Esthetica's Orsola de Castro and Tamsin Blanchard provided educational resources and sustainability solutions. Mercedes-Benz worked with a second mentoring partner, guest mentor Sandra SŠndor, founder and creative director of Budapest-based fashion house Nanushka, who provided insights into running a sustainable business.

Julia Hofmann, Head of Branded Entertainment & Brand Partnerships at Mercedes-Benz AG, stated in the press release that Mercedes-Benz looks forward to seeing the winner apply the skills acquired through the mentorship and wished Petra Fagerstrom lots of success in the future.

Image, from left: The picture shows Petra Fagerstrom, winner of the Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Prize, Julia Hofmann, Head of Branded Entertainment & Brand Partnerships Mercedes-Benz AG, and a model wearing the award-winning creation at the 38th Festival d'HyŤres in October 2023. Photo: © Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

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