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13 March 2024

20-point maintenance plan for e-bikes! Upway launches refurbished e-bike marketplace in Austria

Yesterday, the French internet marketplace 'Upway' for refurbished e-bikes posted on their LinkedIn page that they are excited to launch the portal in Austria and cited statistical data of 1.11 million e-bikes on the roads in Austria (total population around 9 million), which qualifies the country as a nation of cyclists for the Paris-based company that was founded 2021 by Stéphane Ficaja and Toussaint Wattinne.

E-bikes have become particularly popular in Austria over the past decade. With the popularity of the fast bikes, the number of bicycle accidents has also increased, according to the analysis and recommendations of the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC) based on data from the Austrian Ministry of the Interior (BMI). Since 2013, there has been a significant increase in bicycle accidents resulting in personal injury, with a 69 percent increase in recorded accidents. In particular, the proportion of solo accidents has increased from 30 to 44 percent over the past decade. The main factors cited as contributing to these accidents include low compliance with traffic rules, lack of riding skills, and the increasing popularity of e-bikes. The ÖAMTC suggests improvements such as obeying traffic rules, wearing helmets, improving riding skills through e-bike courses, and using suitable and technically perfect vehicles.
And this last point is definitely the core of Upway's business with used bicycles, which are inspected, maintained and refurbished before being sold on the platform. The marketplace is available in France, Belgium, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany and, since yesterday, March 12th, in Austria. Unlike platforms that merely facilitate transactions, the company guarantees quality by subjecting each e-bike to a rigorous 20-point maintenance plan carried out by professional bicycle mechanics.
The maintenance plan differentiates between electrical components such as motor and pedal assistance, lights and mechanical components such as brakes and tires (fast checked on The products are offered with a 1-year warranty.
In the press release, Upway cites statistics that half of all bicycle purchases in Austria are e-bikes and the growing demand for sustainable transportation options as reasons for entering the new market. The company promotes the platform with services such as door-to-door delivery in 3 to 7 business days, or that the products are up to 60% cheaper than new, and that the business model contributes to the overall sustainability of mobility by reducing the carbon footprint associated with e-bike manufacturing and encouraging reuse.

Image: Stéphane Ficaja (left) and Toussaint Wattinne (right) founded Upway in 2021 in Paris. Since March 12, 2024, the market place for refurbished e-bikes is also available in Austria. Photographer: Romain Petit. Photo: © Romain Petit | Upway.

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