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23 May 2024

The influence of culinary experiences on the work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is presented in the new exhibition 'Mozart at Table''s editorial library has its own collection of books about Mozart, including a cookbook that contains more than just recipes. It also tells the chronological story of the genius' life, from his early years in Salzburg, his travels to Paris, London,... to Vienna, the city of his most fruitful and successful period of his life. Among the extraordinary works Mozart composed in Vienna are Le nozze di Figaro, The Magic Flute, or Don Giovanni; all three operas feature prominent feast or banquet scenes as part of the plot. Understanding Mozart seems to be closely linked to the circumstances of the culinary lifestyle of his time, which also became part of his musical work. A new exhibition at Mozarthaus Vienna sheds fresh light on the relationship between food and music in Mozart's life and work.

The exhibition 'Mozart at Table', which opens tomorrow, May 24, in the museum of Mozarthaus Vienna, Domgasse 5, in the first district of Vienna, has been curated by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Fuchs and Prof. Dr. Otto Biba, both musicologists and music historians. It focuses on the cultural and social aspects of eating and drinking in Mozart's life, a topic that is being explored in depth for the first time. Using Mozart's manuscripts, letters and historical documents from various collections across Europe - Austria, Germany, England, France - the exhibition shows how his culinary experiences influenced his compositions.

It's announced that the special exhibition will be divided into several sections, including 'Mozart Eats at Home,' 'Dining with Nobility,' 'Mozart in the Tavern,' 'Restaurants as Concert Halls,' 'Food and Games,' 'Mozart Travels,' and, of course, 'Eating and Drinking in Mozart's Operas,' which will provide insights into the exclusive dinners he attended, as well as meals in taverns or at his own home. The exhibition runs until March 16, 2025.

Image: Music and dance in an inn; diorama by Martin Engelbrecht around 1755; private collection. Photo: Foto Nelson.

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